There’s nothing quite like crisp colored, freshly added mulch to brighten the front of a house or back patio. But why go through the hassle of estimating, shoveling and spreading mulch yourself? Let the professionals at Skytop Landscaping take care of installing your mulch. Skytop offers many types of mulch that will accent and enrich any yard. Get the finest product at an affordable price with our hearty mulch. This beautiful mulch comes in a variety of colors including dark brown, black and red because we believe mulch can be stylish as well as functional.

Skytop Landscaping can easily estimate the square footage and amount that is needed in any area in your yard. Once the amount is calculated, it’s up to you to determine the color… we’ll take care of the rest including bed preparation, installation and thorough cleanup. Once our technicians have left your home, you’ll be left with a beautifully mulched landscape that will help hold valuable moisture near your plants to keep them happy and healthy through the harsh New Jersey summers.

Sure you’ve heard about mulch, but you may not understand exactly why it’s so good for your lawn. Apart from the aesthetic value, mulch helps holds in soil moisture that keeps your plants from getting too dry.

  • Offers temperature stability, keeping roots cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Inhibits weed growth by providing a barrier to help your plants stay healthy.
  • Can act as a pest repellent in some cases.
  • Promotes earthworm occupation, which improves the structure of your soil and helps with nutrient cycling.